The war became more and more fierce. In this process, Tiandaoyuan was the first to get an ancient artifact. The balance of the war was just about to tilt, and the dark moon also got the second ancient artifact by chance, so it quickly went into war.


A Terran inferno practitioner fought against the physical strength, stirred up the evil spirits vertically and horizontally, and made the magic weapon splendid and magnificent for the evil things.
The final result of the war was that both sides lost their lives. After the war, bones piled up on the battlefield, and the mainland was sad and bleak.
Before the protoss and the orc demon race joined the battle, both men of insight realized the great harm of the war and finally signed a truce agreement.
Chapter v five major races
After thousands of years of relaxation, we all know that the culprit is the little lady in the celestial world, who has suppressed her anger towards the celestial world. The racial contradictions in her heart have gradually disappeared, and racial integration has been initially realized. There are no more gods, and the mainland and the demon land say that after the merger, the mainland is named ancient.
After learning all this, Wu Zhe felt more shocked than at the same time that many things suddenly became clear.
Of course, some things are still like fog to him. Wu Zhe consulted everyone in the town, but no one could answer him.
Wu Zhe decided to bid farewell to the town and travel to find a way to leave the ancient continent.
When the land of the gods and the land of the demon land are connected, there are endless high mountains at the junction. The town is located on the edge of the land of the gods. It is just a good thing that the junction of the two continents is less than 20 miles west, and the mountains are all over.
No one dares to go into the depths of the mountains, because there are not only fierce birds and beasts, but also those giants who guard the heaven in China are to protect the world from war again.
For ordinary people, it is definitely a vicious place.
The more dangerous the place, the more Wu Zhexian wants to go. He walks into the deep mountains alone and sees several fierce birds and beasts. He can avoid them and kill them if he can’t.
In this world, these monsters fall after death, but they are all pure beasts Dan!
Suddenly, a huge shadow flew by and there was a violent gangfeng.
Wu Zhe couldn’t help but be frightened to disgrace. He looked up and saw a huge worm flying past him for thirty feet.
The long worm’s mouth blazes and glows with red, dragging a ten-foot-long tail behind him
"Is this a dragon?" After confirmation, Wu Zhe exclaimed, "This ancient continent can really see any exotic monster beast."
This red dragon obviously didn’t find the weak creature on the ground, and didn’t hear Wu Zhe’s gossip, otherwise it would definitely dive and tear this guy who called himself a monster beast to pieces.
(Note: There are many kinds of dragons. When Wu Zhe meets this dragon, it is considered as an adult, but the spiritual wisdom has not yet been precipitated. The method of speaking is transformed into an adult body. Some dragons are born with an Terran body because of their parents’ blood. This orc is somewhat similar.
It’s very simple to distinguish the orcs. Those who can switch the appearance of the orcs at will after successfully transforming from the animal state to the human body can be regarded as the orcs. None of the fierce beasts are orcs. Some of the orcs are born with the terran body because of their parents’ blood.
The most difficult thing to distinguish is the demon race. Both the demon race and the inferno belong to the Terran. They practiced witchcraft and magic attack and were deprived of the title of Terran by decent people. The demon race is between the inferno Terran, a race that practiced witchcraft and witchcraft. After the war, the former inferno came closer, and it was somewhat reformed. It was not based on inferno contact.
The other is a small number of races, such as elves, dwarves, Qiang Hua, goblins, etc. They usually belong to one side of the five major races.
The most subtle thing is that the human orcs, the ancestors of the ancient continent, the demon and the demon, cultivated the resources of the three human races, and the orcs became the masters of the human body. The orcs also had to suck human blood to break through themselves. At that time, the orcs could have four glyphs: "life and death"
After the war, the orcs, since the Terran and the Demon, became the targets of the inferno Terran Demon, and they would not choose to kill the orcs with sufficient taxiing qualifications. Instead, the orcs became sworn enemies …)
There are many wonders in the mountains, including clouds and fog around the peak, grotesque rocks and rocky stone forests, and flowing springs and waterfalls in Shui Ze …
Wu Zhe has a peak, and his head is as blue as washing feet, and white clouds are rolling like dust, and his heart is surging.
A Biqing river meanders through the mountains without swimming for a long time. Wu Zhe plunged into the river after coming from the peak, held his breath and drifted with the river.
I don’t know how long it took Wu Zhe to feel that the speed of the water gradually slowed down and stopped. He opened his eyes and saw that the river continued to meander into the distance, but he was washed into a clear pool by the river.
Suddenly there was a splash in the pool, and a beautiful and familiar picture appeared in front of Wu Zhe. A woman rose from the pool with long black hair and wet shawl. Her pointed ears shone with blue dots like jade, and her cheeks were as beautiful and free from vulgarity as water hibiscus. Maybe she should not be called a girl. She is sixteen or seven years old with smart purple eyes, long eyelashes, straight nose and ruddy mouth. She is an elf.
At the same time, the girl also saw Wu Zhe’s smart big eyes and immediately showed a frightened look. A scream came from her mouth, "Ah!"
Wu Zhe was so frightened that he jumped out of the water and tried to escape.
The girl gushed out a stream of Machamp, and it was not Wushu that lifted Wu Zhe away. At the same time, her lithe and graceful body danced from the pool like Lingyan and landed on the shore, and then quickly put the clothes on the shore.
At the first moment, a purple dragon the size of an adult protected the girl.
Life beast!
Dragon life beast?
Wu Zhe was shocked to feel that when that Machamp rushed in, he knew that something bad was happening. The horse worked hard to protect himself. This is the iris, and now it is a pulse. The practitioner has no magic weapon and means, such as resisting?
The girl’s eyes glared with anger and clenched her teeth, holding Zi Long beside her, thinking that if it weren’t for the rogue’s breath floating to her side in front of her and she was scared, he would never have met her. Damn it!
"Violet, why don’t you wake me up?"
"blare! Oops! "
A dozen figures came from the nearby forest, and at the same time, a wave came from the forest, and a light blue shield formed to protect the girl and Zi Long. At this time, a dozen people came to the girl’s side to protect her from the center.
Chapter VI War
Wu Zhe saw at a glance that Guanghua just now was a magician’s magic defense Wushu, and at the same time noticed that at present, more than a dozen people were wizard practitioners who could not repair weak elves.
This girl is by no means an ordinary woman, a noble woman or a noble daughter.
"It’s over. Trouble is coming." Sighing, Wu Zhe quickly dived into the water.
Elf wizards came not far away, most of them were young, and one of them muttered something, and then waved his hand to protect the girl’s body and the mask disappeared.
As soon as the magic defense martial arts disappeared, the girl shouted angrily, "Kill the man who escaped into the water!"
At the moment, this beautiful elf girl’s face is full of pitfalls.