But the water surface is narrow and the enemy has swarmed into the ice. What if the hull is less than a foot apart recently?


I watched the ice creak and jump from the ship and landed in the crowd a few feet away. Then I stepped in front of the dragon boat, crushed the ice in a few steps, and jumped to the other side of the dragon boat to do the same thing. At one time, there were hundreds of people around the boat, but several people had climbed the boat at an unknown time.
I was just about to return to the dragon boat when I caught a glimpse of a samurai with a long sword and a tiger skin on the right bank. Is this their commander?
Catch the thief and catch the king first. I jumped up with my magic and went straight to the commander 100 feet away.
Soldiers around the commander bowed and shot arrows. The commander shouted at the top of his lungs, "Shoot me! Shoot him! "
I let out the mixed day silk to block the oncoming arrow rain, and threw HongLing out ten feet away from the commander to entangle him.
In the rain of arrows, I picked up the commander in front of me and then flew to the dragon boat.
"General!" The face is in chaos.
I tried to capture the commander alive, but I saw that he had been shot several times and his nose and mouth were bleeding, so I let HongLing throw him in half.
The commander’s body slammed on the ice and pooped out a mouthful of blood. The arrow behind him went through the chest and cracked with the ice.
"General!" When the soldiers around rushed to the front, the commander had sunk into the water.
I jumped back to the bow and confronted the enemy several feet away.
At this time, I am like a hedgehog, with arrows in my chest, back and limbs. I have lost consciousness in many places. I don’t know how badly I hurt myself. A life-and-death crisis hangs over my heart.
The other side no longer shoots arrows and falls into the water, and the soldiers are far away from the dragon boat and climb the ice.
At this time, the left bank suddenly burst into shouting and killing enemy soldiers and retreated to the right bank at the smell of color change.
While painting the flag of Su Cao totem, a group of Shang soldiers rushed to the ice. At the head was a young commander in white.
In the face of the well-armed Shang army, the first heart-to-heart battle quickly turned into a rout.
I felt my legs weak and unstable, and turned to hold the hatch. Suddenly I caught a glimpse of three girls at the bottom door, covered in blood and swords. Many enemy bodies and broken weapons fell on their feet. It seems that although they have no actual combat experience, they have taken advantage of the excellent dagger rationed to them by Shijie.
"Nezha you!" They looked at the hedgehog, and my eyes widened.
I looked down and found that most of the arrows were falling, least of all, and the arrow was not deep. I grabbed my left arm and pulled out an arrow shaft, which caused the girl opposite to scream.
The arrow has no blood! I then pulled out all the arrows in my arms, legs and chest, including a few bronze arrows, none of which were bloody, and a few arrows behind me couldn’t reach them. I simply stripped the tattered clothes and sure enough, those arrows only pierced the clothes.
Looking down, I was covered in blue and blue, and I was shot by a bronze arrow, which caused serious bruises, but I didn’t puncture my skin. It seems that my mana is enough to resist ordinary bow and arrow shooting now, and I didn’t follow Teacher Shijie for so many days in vain.
Seeing that I wasn’t seriously injured, the three girls slipped their daggers and plopped to the ground.
"Are you hurt?"
The three girls didn’t answer, but obviously they were all hurt.
I suddenly thought of small qian "small qian! How is she? "
"She’s in the back cabin. She and Yan seem to be badly hurt!"
"What?" My head is humming
Just at this moment, the crisp male outside the cabin "Miss Nezha! Now it’s Su Houshi who is angry and has been helped by Shi Ji’s teacher Todd. Can you see her? "
"Su Gong!" When several girls heard Su Fensheng’s name, their eyes suddenly lit up. "I heard that Su Gong is handsome!"
These anthomaniac! I’m not interested in Su Gong’s handsomeness. I’m in a worse condition now. I’m topless. If I can meet people?
"Wait a minute, I’m not dressed!" I shouted and then said to several girls, "You call a Su Gong and I’ll find Xiaoqian."
"Hey Nezha!" A girl shouted, "How can we meet the public now?"
"You can’t keep people waiting!" I said, "It’s better than being naked! Here is the battlefield can’t consider so much. "
I dressed in rags and went straight to the back cabin to see Xiaoqian and Yan Dou lying in the bunk. Another girl sat next to Xiaoqian and took her hand. There were more enemy bodies in the front cabin.
I ran to Xiaoqian and gasped. An arrow was inserted straight in Xiaoqian’s left chest. She turned pale and looked at me sparkly, but could not say a word.
The girl shivered and flashed to one side. I fell in front of Xiaoqian and saw the tail of the arrow through the broken clothes. It didn’t finish sinking into Xiaoqian’s body. It shouldn’t hurt dirty, should it?
"Go find the white cloth!" I said to the girl.
I gently untied Xiaoqian’s clothes and lifted it slowly. The arrow was indeed stained with half an inch of blood by the clothes, leaving a hole in Xiaoqian’s rf face that was constantly bleeding.
It’s a pity that I know nothing about wound treatment, and there is no good rescue condition to wrap Xiaoqian’s wound with white cloth first.
Her face gradually recovered. It seems that she was too scared just now. She took my hand. "I heard that you were scared to death by a lot of arrows."
"I can’t penetrate an arrow without my rough skin."
Then I heard Yan’s breath faint and shouted "Nezha!" The sound is full of bitterness
"Go and help Yan," Xiaoqian urged. "She’s hurt more than me!"
2 Princess Xianyu
I came to Yan’s side, and she was injured in her leg. The blood spread from her bunk to the ground of the cabin. I’m afraid it was the most serious one.
"You all ignore me!" She sobbed.
"We didn’t ignore you. Okay, okay, I’m sorry!"
I tore Yan’s trouser leg and saw a knife wound more than three inches long on her right thigh. Her skin was turned out and her white skin was covered with blood. I gently touched the skin next to the wound, but I didn’t see her respond.
"Nezha, is my right leg still there? Why can’t I feel it at all? "
I was shocked. Did I cut off my nerve? I grabbed her right foot and moved her toes.
"ah!" As soon as she screamed, "it hurts!"
I tore up her trouser legs and prepared a white cloth to wrap them up. At this moment, the man behind me said, "Miss Nezha can’t do this."
I turned my head and saw that Su Fensheng had entered the back cabin. Before he entered, he took out a porcelain bottle and sprinkled the powder inside on Yan’s wound.
Yan Shuang frowned but didn’t call out. It seems that Su Gong’s face is too delicate.
Su Fensheng bandaged the swallow’s leg and looked very skilled. No one was pampered and pampered.
Then he turned to Xiaoqian and watched her chest continue to ooze blood. "Where is this girl hurt?"
"Chest" I replied, "The wound is not deep, but it keeps bleeding. I don’t have any hemostatic."
Su Fensheng handed me the medicine bottle. "Come on!" Then she turned to take care of another girl.
Good gentleman!
I untied Xiaoqian’s bandage, and her chest was already full of blood, which was shocking. I was careful that her medicine was bandaged again.
"Miss Nezha, how are you hurt?" Gongwen
"My skin injury doesn’t matter!"
He didn’t seem to believe me when he saw me covered in holes. "Is it really all right?"
"Then can you still sail to the war zone?" He asked again