There are many thoughts, and yin and yang are annihilated.


With the passage of time, the heavenly heart is full of thoughts, and the spiritual knowledge is put out as far as possible, and the fingerprints are constantly turned with both hands, trying to transform the chaotic Yin and Yang that are stirring nearby into the external energy that is most easily compatible with the ontology.
The method is produced and increased bit by bit, and the black-and-white world is chaotic with yin and yang.
And more and more oppressive. For a while. Numerous extremely negative gas blades and extremely positive conditions hit the method, and re-assimilated the outside of the damaged method into extremely negative and positive substances.
Disputes, tug of war.

Chaos, yin and yang have a vast black-and-white world and even chaos supplement, and there is also a purple iron sword behind the law created by the power of God. The former loses too instinctively, but wins endlessly in force of nature. The latter is strong in flexibility, although there are limited reserve forces, but it can be maintained through some transformation.
Facts have proved that it is an overreaching move to use the energy of Yin and Yang to shape the method in the black and white world, but because of the existence of Zi Tie Jian Yu, this overreaching move has become an opportunity for Tianxin to obtain all the data.
He let him cross. The bright moon shines on the river.
In the end, if someone can see through the Yin-Yang method of Tianxin, they will find that the method seen from the outside is a humanoid thing with black and white energy intertwined. The interior is colorless and transparent, straight like a big space, with a constantly hovering Tianxin ontology in the middle. You can also see Tianxin’s hands flipping handprints at the speed of ghosting, and the handprints are playing outward, inward, or purple iron sword.
Finally, the method of heavenly heart is stable at about 100,000 light years, and it can’t be increased by one point, and the chaotic Yin and Yang roaring outside the method can’t be reduced by one point.
The two sides confronted each other.
I don’t know how many interstellar years have passed. Tianxin still fixes me, but … The invisible colorless method of 100,000 light-years outside the body began to produce a vortex or a strong wind, which turned wildly around the heavenly heart. Finally, it turns into juice, forming Bitan. Gradually flooded the heavenly heart. Then the juice in the pond began to solidify and crystallize. When the whole 100,000-light-year crystallization method is fully crystallized and derived, the crystallized substance is absorbed by the Tianxin body in an instant, and the 100,000-light-year crystallization method returns to the intangible colorless state.
After repeating this for one hundred times and eight times, Tianxin’s eyes began to open, revealing surprise. "It turns out that the alchemist absorbs energy like this. I take the law as the boundary. The effect is not bad. However, how to use these things called boundary energy? "
Days Yao nine small these ancient years back to the chaos of tens of billions of time and space data, in the past, kneading the energy of Yin and Yang to build chaos of time and space repeatedly failed. Now I have to try.
As the mind moves. The spiritual knowledge is divided into one stream, and a chaotic micro-space-time is built in a corner of the law that is crystallized 100 thousand light years away.
It came naturally.
Tianxin used to knead the energy of yin and yang, but it was impossible to realize the chaos of space and time. It’s just that Tianxin immediately remembered it. Damn it, this chaotic space-time is too energy-consuming. The time and space as big as a grain of rice will consume the crystallization method of 100 thousand light years. Tianxin can know that the crystallization method of 100,000 light-years was formed, and the black and white worlds each lost at least one billion light-years of Fiona Fang’s Yin and Yang.
"Hey, this can’t afford to play!"
Tianxin secretly stunned. I gave up the idea of building the eleventh generation of 17.7 billion space super-power chaotic thunder on the spot, and devoted myself to the energy of transformation and ontology digestion.
What is the specific use of chemical energy? Tianxin doesn’t know much at this time. The only thing I feel is that this energy is absorbed much, and the ontology seems to exist in the black-and-white world slowly. Unlike before, it was necessary to protect it with purple iron sword or armor to walk in the black-and-white world.
As the heavenly heart is deep, it suddenly moves, and the chemical energy can make itself compete with the black-and-white world. Isn’t it …… I just don’t know how much chemical energy a blue crystal ball needs. If I am as generous as a chaotic micro-space-time, I am afraid that even if I only help the blue crystal ball of nine women, I will be tired to death, and it will take countless years. Moreover, it seems that the energy of the chemical world is not so good. In the description of the alchemy of the chemical world, the energy of the chemical world is not only achieved by magical means, but also by chance. Just because you have it this time doesn’t mean you will have it next time.
Not greedy, not greedy.
This time, as long as the body is full and has some reserves. Tianxin xindao
In fact, the energy of the boundary is a variant of the third thing gathered by the intersection of Yin and Yang. The production conditions of this variant are too harsh, which requires a certain space and a huge internal tension and external pressure environment. Those black-and-white worlds naturally run into the intersection of Yin and Yang, and the boundary energy is the product of one period.
Tianxin is also lucky, coincidentally and unfortunately, it meets the conditions for the generation of bounded energy, and it is really precious to enjoy this chaos. At this time, Tianxin still doesn’t know, even if his 100,000 light-years method is one point larger or one point smaller, it may be able to condense out the crystal again, but the condensed crystal is no longer the boundary energy.
The generation of chemical energy is also limited by time, and the length of this time is uncontrollable. As long as the environment from which the chemical energy is derived changes qualitatively at a certain point, the chemical energy will no longer be chemical energy.
No, the Tianxin absorption method crystal is absorbed comfortably. Specifically, when it is absorbed for the 108,000 th time, it is rushed to spit out the 108,001 th method crystal. Fortunately, there was a wave of fluctuation from HarmonyOS’s sword spirit, saying that it was necessary to use this 180,000-time method crystal. Otherwise, Tianxin still doesn’t know how to deal with the quietly changed method crystal.
Now that I have been able to live in a black-and-white world, Tianxin, after feeding HarmonyOS’s sword spirit, scattered the power of God, withdrew the method, offered a purple iron sword, and slowly transformed it into a full state, testing the energy intake method of Yin and Yang in the alchemy formula of the chemical world in the purple-red Guanghua Wan Ling blood refining force field.
It’s just that the whole process of trial is not ideal. Purple iron sword is sword after all, not. No matter how powerful the chemical world is, it is always for the service of carrying the elixir. Of course, the yin-yang energy intake mode of the chemical world then tactic was introduced, and the force field of the soul blood refining on the surface of the purple iron sword jade showed signs of expansion, and the thickness rose from one light year to ten light years. And the intake of more energy from the yin and yang poles has ruined the 6 trillion soaring people in Zitie Jianyu.
"That’s it for now!"
Look at the purple iron sword, which has expanded to the largest illusion state of billions of light years. As a heavenly heart, it no longer considers the matter of the force field of the soul blood refining, but thinks about whether to create a move for the purple iron sword. Although the nine-color sword domain is good, it is gas-oriented, and it is no problem to deal with Xuanyu Guanghua. To smash the mysterious sky, you still have to rely on the sharpness of Zitie Jianyu itself.

Chapter six hundred and sixty-two Kendo Nine Realms (below)
Out from the four nirvana immortals at the end of the world, we can break through the mysterious and device technology at the beginning of the world, and Tianxin carefully searched and sensed the application principle that can be matched with Zitie Jianyu.
To break the mysterious sky, you must first break the mysterious Yu Guanghua. At this point, the things provided by the four nirvana immortals at the end of the realm are actually quick, that is, they use their cultivation higher than that of the nirvana immortals at the beginning of the realm and their own Xuanyuguang. The so-called instrument that can break through the mysterious sky in the middle and early stage, like a polar bunching light guide, aggregates Xuanyu Guanghua into a light blade. Tianxin tried to pour the purple brilliance of the purple iron sword on the light guide, and then draw it towards the world of black and white yin and yang. The effect is really like the guarantee of the four nirvana immortals at the end of the border, and it is powerful enough to swing the Xuanyu Guanghua of the nirvana immortals at the beginning of China. However, because the blood is injected into the heavenly heart, a light guide is destroyed after being used once.
Tianxin tried to infuse God’s power again. This time, the power of the light guide was even more amazing, and there was no sign of destruction. However, the consumption of God’s power was too great. Tianxin estimated that if he attacked with this light guide, he would become a human being for half a star day because God’s power was exhausted.
"In the end, it is not practical. If you break the enemy, you still have to return to Zitie Jianyu."
Tianxin took out and read the jade slips describing the eternal world, and finally came to the conclusion that whether it was the nirvana world or the eternal world, his purple iron sword could be split open. Only the mysterious sky in the eternal life is a little more troublesome. The mysterious sky in the initial stage of eternal life is a triple mysterious sky. If there is no other auxiliary means, even the purple iron sword with the greatest illusion will not do harm to this heavy mysterious sky.
Xuanyu Guanghua is a cover, and Xuanyu’s shell is a body.
In the description of the four nirvana immortals at the end, the reason why Xuan Tianyu is unbeaten in gold body is that the two are well coordinated. Xuan Yu Guanghua, in particular, is simply an ever-changing energy cone and energy cover when manipulated. This. Tianxin knew it when it fought against Nirvana Immortal in chaos. As tough and sharp as purple iron sword, it can’t pierce and cut the energy cangue formed by Xuanyu Guanghua, a meteorite spirit. If it weren’t for the low level of nirvana fairy, just that time, Tianxin was absolutely run.
If you want to beat Nirvana Xuantianyu with absolute power, it is impossible for Tianxin to think for a short time. In this way, if we want to break the nirvana of the mysterious sky, we must give Zitie Jianyu a chance to shake the shell of the mysterious sky.
The world is invincible, and only fast is king.
Purple iron sword has enough strength and quality. What’s missing now is the advanced imperial sword trick of destroying speed. How can we speed up the stabbing speed of Zitie Jianyu? This speed must be fast, that is, the enemy releases Xuanyu Guanghua, and it is not as fast as preventing Zitie Jianyu from stabbing Xuantianyu.
Surprise, this is necessary, but it can only be used as a covert move.
Looking at the endless black and white world, Tianxin decided to practice sword. There is only one purpose in practicing the sword this time, that is, Purple Iron Sword Yu can quickly strike every point where the spirit is locked.
There is only one single swordsmanship commonly used in Tianxin, that is, the fencing. It’s a bit difficult to run the purple iron sword with the digging sword. The carrier of the digging sword is the purple iron sword, but now it has become the purple iron sword. The maximum illusion state has also changed from a trillion light-years state to a billion light-years state.
Tianxin found that if he wanted to perfectly realize the sword-digging technique of free illusion of the sword body and the necessary throughput of the sword, he had to first test the sword-body illusion that was ten million times more complicated after the purple iron sword was transformed into a sword. Moreover, it is necessary to improve the method of taking pictures. After all, the space inside Purple Iron Sword is not a big Yan world group, but a big Yan starry sky with 3 trillion star fields, plus 6 trillion practitioners with chaotic environment, cultural habitat and heaven-opening space.
You must be familiar with the sword before you play it.
As a result, Tianxin had to try to control the handprint with more subtle purple iron sword, and try to improve the speed of unfolding and taking pictures of purple iron sword under the condition of ensuring the safety of its internal space.
After a simple exercise, ten interstellar years passed quietly when Tianxin felt that it could come to an end.
However, ten interstellar years to mature sword process. In addition, the research on the alchemy of the chemical world and the realms of Xuantianyu during the period made Tianxin no longer satisfied with waving the purple iron sword with the digging sword. He found that the digging sword could not well interpret the energy of the purple iron sword. Purple Tiejianyu can not only breathe the purple-red Guanghua blood refining force field, but also spit out nine-color sword domain. The most important thing is that Zitie Jianyu still has trillions of soaring strength, mysterious brilliance and great star power. However, the sword-digging technique has always been positioned in the sword.
Kendo is extremely close.
If the heavenly heart realizes something. At most, the sword-digging technique can only be regarded as the primary usage of purple iron sword, that is, to open the sky and cut all hard objects with purple iron sword. Reminiscent of the previous three strokes of applying the power of God, namely, one yuan, two instruments of yin and yang, and three yang. Tianxin’s eyes suddenly lit up. If these three moves are rubbed into the kendo based on the purple iron sword, the purple iron sword will surely show its amazing power.
Create moves, refine swords, create moves, refine swords.
The new man and sword are integrated, and Tianxin constantly understands the use of sword and jade, and also adjusts the purple iron sword and jade according to the latest use of Tao to motivate the rich energy of yin and yang in the black and white world.
This is a kind of closed-door process that forgets everything.