Silent Heart governs more than 100 countries, and he goes to different countries every month. It is just right to go to each country once a year, so his job is either on the road or it is not easy to rest on the road.


Chapter 49 Reality Beating
Finally, I went through some picking.
Char envied that the talent in his eyes was better than him, and the remaining conditions were far away. Tashaya was selected by a mentor.
I think it should be more valued.
Although Saya was loved by his mentor,’ I’m hungry’, it’s right to look at himself with a bad face.
He clearly saw the big bat drooling over himself.
The mentality has changed a little. Saya’s face is still strong, and he waved to Char with a smile, which seems to be prosperous.
In my heart, I secretly prayed,’ I hope I really want to be a student, not a feed …’
Seeing that there is no mentor on the side, Char would envy’ he must have been chosen by a good mentor for laughing so hard’.
Although the house is a wooden structure, the whole house is made of a huge unknown plant.
The natural structure is like a plant growing a house without many artificial traces.
Looking at the huge wooden house in front of him with a token in his hand, Char swallowed.
He knows that if there is an accident, the people living in it will be his mentor, and he will not feel nervous.
He is not clear about whether his mentor will like him or not, and he has no confidence.
After all, he is a little humble, and he doesn’t feel that he is worth being valued by others.
Summon up courage and ring a doorbell lightly.
It didn’t take him long to wait. A vine came out of the roof and twisted around Char like a snake.
Let him feel a little scalp pins and needles, and have the illusion of being bitten.
After the observation, an old hoarse voice said, "New apprentice?"
As soon as Char saw that this thing was still working, he quickly replied, "My name is Char. I just arrived at the college today."
When I saw Shuteng swing a few times after listening to his words, I was not sure that I thought,’ This should be a nod?’
Vaguely, he seemed to hear a vague whisper from the trees and vines, "Didn’t you say one a year? What day is it today?"? It seems that the second time I was shocked by the explosion to my head, there was indeed a sequela. I said how old I felt and it passed quickly. I didn’t expect it to be a year in a blink of an eye … "
Char felt a bad feeling in his heart.’ Why isn’t this mentor normal …’
After talking to himself for a while, the other party turned to Char again; "Why do you look thin and unhealthy? It must be the bad food at home that reminds me of my youth. It was the first time I went to a prostitute house to go whoring …"
‘? ? ?’
After listening to his tutor’s preface, Char immediately confirmed that he had just suspected that the tutor was really abnormal.
He immediately felt strong doubts about whether his apprenticeship could be successfully spent.
Is the college sure that guy inside can teach students?’
Trance, as if he had seen his white hair in his later years, he was still wearing an apprentice costume.’ Maybe he wants to be an apprentice, maybe …’
He is not the only one who is troubled like this.
At the moment, looking at the left half wearing women’s clothes and the right half wearing men’s clothes, I ignored myself but was applying lipstick by myself. Saya, a middle-aged male tutor, was also worried about his future. This family fire is not normal. Can I really get started?’
A five-or six-year-old boy in a laboratory looked at three or two yellow hairs not far away, and his face was a little crazy. The old man was coming to him with a syringe, and he couldn’t help but swallow his saliva and tried to solve the immediate dilemma with language charm. "Tutor, I don’t think it’s so urgent to experiment. It’s not too late to do anything later …"
See each other dry thin face ghostly smile hoarse smile and said, "Jie Jie … not afraid of experiment dedication is a process that every great wizard has to go through. I’m just helping you before …"
A slight sniffle sucked it back into the nose. The little boy smiled reluctantly and said, "I can’t stop it. I feel that I am still young and not so anxious."
The old man put a trick directly in his hand and said decisively, "You didn’t refuse!"
Then the other person’s desperate eyes directly injected the turbid gray-black liquid into the other person’s body
Just on the first day, facing the reality and beating most wizard apprentices, I felt suspicious about my future …
Three years later, Olga arrived in this world for the twentieth year.
Olga, dressed in a suit-like red decoration and sitting in a soft chair, looked leisurely and crossed his legs and said to the young male wizard who was about thirty years old in front of him, "I like your activating spell office very much, and I want to buy its knowledge from you."
Looking at Olga’s casual attitude, the young wizard frowned slightly. He felt that he was not respected as a talented wizard. After thinking about his first-class strength, he decided not to pursue this issue for the time being.
But even so, if he wants to buy his own witchcraft, he can’t be so insincere and arrogant. He said, "I’m not going to sell that spell for the time being because it has just been developed. If you really need it, please wait a while until I thoroughly study it."
For him, he has no intention to shirk Olga and calmly said, "I didn’t study it clearly, so I just need its general idea."
Looked at in front of a pair of don’t give up if you don’t reach the goal. Olga frowned after thinking about it. "… I’ll be blunt. I don’t want to sell that spell now. Please go back."
In the face of his direct refusal to Olga, this just looks right. Looking at his face, he does not hide his pride. Olga can’t help but chuckle. "You don’t seem to understand your position."
Before the other person could understand his words, Olga raised his hand and slapped him gently.
Accompanied by a clear slap in the face, the other person’s body was immediately taken away by the force of law to resist half a ling and turned ten times.