"In my opinion, it should be a muddy fairy!"


"How beautiful! Oh, forget it. "
"The orcs are coming. Let’s get away from it."
Sunny Ahn wore a thin veil and showed a pair of smart eyes and footsteps. Shenglian Bu came from the second floor.
When she came forward, all the terrans were fascinated.
Sunny Ahn never thought it would cause this situation. Her eyes showed panic and she hurried to Su Yu’s desk and said respectfully, "Gongye Sunny is coming."
Sunny Ahn voice down many line of sight are Su Yu body.
An Qing is a purple cliff mountain, and the ancient tianjiao is born with noble temperament, but it is a disguise.
Such a beautiful and noble person is actually a Terran slave, which makes them envious!
Aside from the orcs, I saw Su Yu and An Yuda. Although these two people look very noble, where can a Terran be noble?
The two sex-obsessed orcs soon came up with a clever plan.
"Did Gongye Sunny give you any trouble?"
Sunny Ahn sat beside Su Yu and asked Wen.
It was crisp and gentle, and the hearts of terrans and foreigners were almost crisp.
Soon they were even more jealous of Su Yu.
"It’s okay. It’s just a bunch of chop suey. If you really feel guilty, you can give the young master a few more drinks."
Su Yu low laughed
Now that he dares to bring Ahn Ching out, he is ready to get into trouble by a group of perverts.
Don’t you want to bring a beauty to raise your eyes, but you are afraid that others will make trouble?
Even if you come, you will kill one! Come on, I’ll kill one pair!
To also want to counsel to solve two orcs smell speech immediately angry!
Damn it, we haven’t even done it yet. You beat around the bush and called us scum!
If we really hit that beauty, do you still want to say hello to our family?
The two orcs glanced at each other and walked towards Su Yu’s table.
"If the Terran is finished, it must be finished. If you bring such a beautiful beauty to the alien territory, isn’t it a death wish?"
"It’s the status of the Terran that is low. Even if the Chinese Empire has a high status of the Terran, it’s not like this."
"This person is so arrogant that it won’t be a Chinese Empire!"
"If only I could enter the Yanhuang Empire, the Emperor Yanhuang would also be afraid of aliens."
Seeing the orcs looking for Su Yu’s stubble, the Terrans immediately hid far away and looked at Su Yu’s eyes with both speculation and envy.
Since beauty can’t get it, it’s always beautiful to think about it.
"Xiao, what did you just say!"
According to Su Yu’s present strength, the two orcs can sweep a star field by themselves.
In the face of ordinary terrans, nobles and aliens, they have never been polite.
Listen to "pa" Su Yu. This table should be broken. These two people are here to pick a fight!
Su Yu eyebrows light cu looks up at the orcs eyes cold "yu da to master the two hands waste thrown out"
Chapter 976 How do you live?
"It’s a grandfather!"
Anyuda should have seen him, but no one saw him, like a beautiful voice with two pains. Alas, the sky rang.
They looked unexpectedly is just looking for Su Yu two orc alien!
"You look! Both alien arms have been abolished! "
"The two alien but condition! Hush, the strength of the man next to the grandfather! "
"I didn’t even see him move. The orcs were cleaned up!"
"Who the hell is this Terran? It should not be an ordinary Terran aristocrat."
The encounter between the two orcs led to the speculation of Su Yu’s identity.
Thrown out of the door, the orcs were helped by their compatriots to find out, only to find that their kin had been abandoned by special techniques, and I’m afraid they can’t continue to pick up their hands in this life!
This is a place!
Find out the kin’s physical condition, and the orc people looked at the hall with hatred, and Su Yu withdrew with people.
How dare you be so arrogant in the orc territory that I will arrest you and torture you to death without my people!
Terrans shuddered at the sight of the orcs’ bitter eyes.
The orcs will take crazy revenge on Su Yu!
"This grandfather, why don’t you go first?"
A strange-looking Terran bravely suggested to Su Yu and his party.
Su Yu glanced at the student and motioned for him to sit before raising his eyebrows and asking "I want to go."
"This is the star domain of the orcs. The whole plane is the orcs. It is not simple for you to offend those two identities just now. If you stay here for a long time, it will be bitter for this truly beautiful woman."
Sheng said that his words were implicit and showed his love for Ahn Sunny.
There are many saints in the star field, such as Su Yu. Although there are saints’ guards escorting her, she is bound to be violently retaliated by the orcs.
He doesn’t worry about Su Yu’s safety, but he doesn’t want Sunny Ahn to suffer with Su Yu.
Su Yu know to sunny Ahn eyes light is full of fun.
Sunny Ahn’s face fluttered with hongxia and covered her mouth with a light smile. "Don’t worry about this gentleman, even a beautiful woman like Sunny has never been short of her."
"Every husband and wife is beautiful and sunny, and it is already a blessing to be around the grandfather."
An Qing said that the eyes were fleeting and the loss passed quietly.
"She, she just said that the husband and wife are all beautiful!"
"It’s really great to say that this Terran is rich!"
"Just one beauty is enough for me. There may be several of them!"
"Even the accompanying guards are at least saints. It is natural to have beautiful wives and concubines."
I heard that the Terran once again burst into envy and surprise when they heard the talk of An Qing.
No wonder the white man dared to scrap the orcs and throw them out!
It turns out that there is a very earth force behind this public!
"step by step"
The number of steps rang like a muffled thunder. Listen, the audio and video came from a team.
Su Yu’s look is the same. Look at the door of the hall and look shallow.
I didn’t expect him to meet that guy here again.