"If we leave here one day, we must have a good time outside. Haha, I don’t know if anyone remembers me after these countless years." The Taoist priest who stepped on the fire snake laughed and looked sad.


"There are always people who remember you. All day long, we remember those ancient powers." Yaodao took a deep breath and said with a face of indifference.
I hope so. The Taoist priest who stepped on the fire snake laughed in a low voice. "If everyone no longer remembers me, then I don’t mind going out again to have a good toss and let them remember me again."
The two talked for dozens of days, and finally the Taoist priest who stepped on the fire snake asked the demon road for the secret communication method and left first. The demon road sits in the void, staring at the place where the altar is hidden.
This sitting is thousands of years, during which Taoist priests who have set foot on the fire snake have been here several times, but each time they simply spoke to the demon road and then turned away. Every time we talk, we either talk about the conflict between that power and that power, or talk about how rampant the newcomers are, or talk about getting angry.
Although the other party didn’t tell himself the planet where the fire was, the diabolism didn’t care. He believes that as long as he stays at this altar and they want to leave this ancient battlefield, they must be known by him. What’s more, there are twenty-four flames needed here, so it will take them longer to find other flames.
It is said that when Yaodao was sitting in the void and thinking about things, the Taoist who was the first to talk to him suddenly sent a message asking him to help him in the past. Yaodao didn’t want to refuse. After all, when he first came here, the other party told himself a lot of things, so he didn’t hesitate, and immediately flew past according to what the other party said.
Both sides are active in this central area, so the demon road quickly found the place of struggle that the Taoist said.
I saw a colorful planet around, dozens of practitioners are fighting with more than a dozen huge fortresses.
Those huge fortresses spewed out beams of light, and each beam emerged, and three or five practitioners United to resist, and one person was absolutely unable to resist. Although there are many practitioners, in this struggle, they are lost.
Yaodao soon found the figure of the kind-hearted Taoist priest, only to see that he was in a mess to avoid the light beams and rarely attacked those fortresses. When diabolism saw it, it immediately released the Styx Yuan God and jumped at a starry fortress.
Yuan Shen transformed into a sea of blood, instantly wrapped the fortress, and countless blood seas rolled, and monsters emerged from the sea of blood, like raindrops rushing toward the fortress. Ten other arrays emerged from the sea of blood, and these arrays condensed black smoke, thus evolving the crown and scepter method.
Black light flew out of the crown like raindrops and hit the fortress. There was a thick layer of protection outside the fortress, but even so, in the face of the black light of diabolism, it still shrank repeatedly and seemed unable to withstand it.
The demon road is so tough that others soon notice that he is. More than a dozen fortresses spewed out beams of light to attack him, but with a sneer at the diabolical way, they didn’t bother to escape, but Cao controlled the endless sea of blood and abruptly swallowed up those beams. For this reason, he only spent one-tenth of his blood.
After resisting the attacks of those people, Yaodao didn’t fight back, but only attacked the fortress surrounded by a sea of blood with a stuffy head, and sent a message to the kind Taoist priest to lead others to fall on his sea of blood and kill the fortress together.
When other practitioners saw that the demon road came to help them, they did not pretend to jump directly into the sea of blood to be defended by the demon road, and they began to desperately attack the fortress wrapped in the sea of blood.
Magic weapon, flying sword, Y and N thunder, avatar, all the means towards the fortress, while diabolical Tao controlled the blood sea to slowly polish on the one hand, and Cao controlled the method of ten large arrays to resist the attack of more than ten fortresses outside.
"Dear Taoist friends, we must kill one of their fortresses today. If we let him go, it will make our faces even more disgraceful." The Taoist priest who once helped the demon road shouted loudly. He Cao controlled the continuous ups and downs of a thirteen-story exquisite pagoda, and the protection on the fortress that was smashed every time was shaking. Lotus huā keeps falling on the exquisite pagoda, and these lotus huā absorbs the energy of fortress protection, and then evolves into Y and N thunder bursting.
This fortress, which was besieged by the demon road and blood sea, saw that it was isolated and helpless, and it seemed a little crazy. I saw a series of light beams gushing out from it and shining on those magic weapons and flying swords. And whenever this time, diabolism will Cao control the sea of blood to absorb these beams, so that other road flyovers can attack with more confidence. As a result, it is to make the fortress look flustered.
"The friend, why do you fight with us? To help them with this rubbish, it is better to join us. As long as you join us, we will definitely provide you with a powerful fortress for you to use. When the time comes, you can do whatever you want in this central area, and you don’t have to be afraid of being suppressed by others. " The creatures in the fortress spoke to persuade the demon road, hoping that the demon road would understand their power, so they let him go: "If Taoist friends are stupid and ignorant, they will still hold on to our seat. After a while, we will summon more companions. At that time, none of you dozens of people will try to escape."
The demon road just grinned and remained silent, while other practitioners listened to it, and some people’s faces changed greatly, or they were afraid of the coming reinforcements from the other side, or they were afraid that the demon road would be persuaded by the other side to jointly deal with them.
"Bitch, with you also want to persuade being original to join you? If you all kneel in front of me and call yourselves masters, it is hard to say that I will force you rubbish to be playthings. " The diabolical way remembered that when he first entered this ancient battlefield, he was attacked by that fortress because of the disagreement of words, and his heart was burning with anger. As a result, he even spurred infinite magic to attack each other.
Later, he not only tore the void and released the infinite essence of the stars to restore the mana of all, but also sprayed the black light and wrapped it around each other’s protection.
I think his black light can even absorb those colorful and luxurious lights, and now it is even more important to face the protection generated by some law bans. However, in just a few breathing hours, the protection on the fortress was reduced by more than half, and some practitioners’ flying swords even directly penetrated the protection and blasted into the fortress itself.
The diabolical way makes the master in that fortress even more terrified. But the diabolical way didn’t give him any chance, and it desperately spurred the blood and black light to polish, and leng completely destroyed the other party’s protection in just over ten breathing hours.
A fortress that loses its defense is like a woman who eats fruit and falls into the hands of a group of macho men, unable to resist at all. Handfuls of flying swords pierced into it and cut quickly, and one magic weapon hit it, which triggered lightning and fire to burn and burst. The diabolical way is even more fierce, and it makes infinite blood flow along the cracks in the fortress and quickly spread toward the center of the fortress.
"Daoyou stop, still hope to let him live, don’t cut off his vitality. After all, I have no hope to go out in this ancient battlefield. I can fight less and fight less. What do you think if you want to leave the bottom line, it is better to leave a way for yourself in the future? " Just as the demon road urged the sea of blood to erode the fortress, a man appeared outside.
After this man appeared, he waved his hand directly and turned into hundreds of millions of silk threads to pierce the sea of blood. The sea of blood, which can erode everything, didn’t play any role in the face of these silk threads. Instead, it was easily punctured by silk threads and directly wound around the broken fortress to drag it outside.
"Infinite Buddha! Being original gives him a chance to live. I don’t know if he will let him live in the future. As a practitioner, you are entangled with them, which really makes being original look bad. Leave as soon as possible, otherwise don’t blame being original and ruthless. " The demon road is willing to let the other party drag the fortress out? Although this sea of blood can’t stop those silk threads, he has other means to stop them.

Chapter two hundred and ninety The second half will be seen tomorrow
Chapter two hundred and ninety The second half will be seen tomorrow
"Why can’t I wait for the practitioners to walk in the same place with them? Don’t have a portal view, let alone a racial distinction, and don’t have any differences in orthodoxy. " The Taoist waved the dust in his hand repeatedly. Although he didn’t pull the fortress out of the blood of the demon road, he destroyed the magic weapon of several practitioners. And the demon road also waved the white bones and long banners, cutting off some of his silk threads.
"This view you also have great skill, why are these people intertwined? Now, if we unite with them and cooperate with them, we can live better in this ancient battlefield, without being bullied at will like these people. " While speaking, the Taoist waved the dust in his hand again and went to the fortress in the sea of blood.
"If you give a pocket to the original, and then kneel down in front of the original and call yourself the master, it is hard to say that the original will accept you. If you don’t do this, don’t say anything about cooperation or non-cooperation. You might as well be original." While speaking, the demon road screamed, and the Styx Yuan God released the breath of infinite blood and evil spirit to blend into the crown method in the void. This crown turns, and thirteen black lights are ejected from it to shine on the Taoist who stands in his way.
The black light flashed, but the Taoist priest was aware of the bad news. He turned back and wanted to escape. I never thought that the thirteen lights appeared in front of him in an instant and shone on him at once. Before he had any resistance, he condensed into a statue of black Se.
"If you are so rubbish, you dare to complain with being original, and you really want to die." Seeing that the other side was instantly destroyed, the demon road was even more disdainful. With a grimace of a grin, he turned around and stirred up a sea of blood, and continued to polish the broken fortress. Outside the sea of blood, more than a dozen fortresses madly spray SHE beams into the sea of blood, trying to save their companions. It’s a pity that although their beam power is of the earth, it lacks many subtle changes, so it doesn’t work at all in front of the blood of the demon road.
Blood flowed backwards, but the fortress was filled up in a few breathing hours, and there was no limit to blood erosion, which abruptly melted the starry fortress thousands of feet in size.
After destroying that fortress, Yaodao didn’t stop, and let the practitioners have a short rest. After 0, he dispersed the method of ten large arrays of condensation, and jumped onto the sea of blood to show more than ten fortresses. He shouted sharply, "Being original has set up ten ancient large arrays here today. If you have the ability, you can enter the large arrays to avenge your companions. If you don’t have the ability, then turn around and get out of here immediately. Don’t flutter here to influence being original."
This remark made the owners of the fortress angry. Without saying anything, one of the fortresses went for a large array. He randomly chose a large array to go in, and he saw dark clouds, pieces of black sand coming, and black light winding, which killed the protection on the fortress, and was instantly hit by the black sand on the fortress itself, and then the whole fortress collapsed, and the soul of the owner inside was also reduced to nothingness by the black sand.
There is also a fortress that enters the golden array, and the demon road directly jumps into the large array, without using black light, directly pulls the mirror cover on the 21 mirrors, releasing infinite golden light to shine on the fortress, and directly vaporizes the fortress completely. Of course, for this reason, this golden array lost most of its power and could not recover for at least several hundred years.
"and that garbage into the array?" Demon Road wandered around among the ten large arrays, and saw that no one else entered the large array, so he jumped out of the sea of blood and shouted loudly again.
"This seat is in the array." Just then, a desolate voice echoed in the void. Looking along the voice, the demon road saw that the Taoist priest who was condensed into a statue by himself with a crown method was actually separated from the statue and stared at him with an angry face.
"Come quickly, be original, etc." Yao Dao was shocked to see that the other party could actually get rid of the statue. It’s just that there is no table Lu on his face, but he still secretly turned ten large arrays and turned the unused wind roar array to the front. Prepare to wait for that man to enter the battle.
"However, if you want this seat to enter the array, you need to take a walk in the array of this seat. If you can come out alive, it is not too late for this seat to enter your array again." The Taoist priest was angry that the demon road almost killed him, so he stretched out his hand and pointed forward, but a black smoke emerged from his fingertips. The black smoke exploded in the void ahead, and then twelve banners flew out from it. The twelve banners shook and twelve giants emerged from them.
These twelve giants have wings on their backs, eyes as bright as an obsidian sun, snakes with feet on fire, hands on ice, and twelve giants are different from each other.
Seeing that the ShaQi emitted from this large array is several times more earth than his ten large arrays, Yaodao became timid first. After saying "The Buddha of Infinite Life", he asked: "What is this array?"
"This is a large array of ancestors in ancient times. The twelve giants are all changed by the thoughts of the twelve ancestors in ancient times. If you can get out of this large array, this seat will take turns to enter your ten large arrays. If you lose, then surrender. If we lose, what happened today will never happen. What do you think? " The Taoist priest looked at diabolism with a sarcastic face and said.
"Being original at first offered to let you into the array, but now you let being original into the array, which is absolutely unreasonable. I don’t think you should join my ten large arrays. As long as you can survive in the primitive Styx God, then I will automatically give up, and I will definitely surrender to you without breaking into your ancestral array. What do you think? " A turn of diabolical eyes, it is a face of ferocious looking at the road flyover loudly say.
The Taoist priest is not a fool. When he first came here, he used a magic weapon to pierce the winding fortress in the blood of Styx, trying to drag it out, so he tried the power of blood. Although it seems that he was so relaxed, it happened to be able to control the Styx blood sea by relying on the subtlety of the magic weapon in his hand, otherwise, if the general magic weapon fell into it, it would be eroded by the monstrous blood làng in an instant.
Now his magic weapon of dusting is cut and destroyed by the long bones of the demon road, and his power is greatly reduced. How can he resist the blood of Styx?
"But you are as timid as a mouse. Since you dare not join our large array, we are too lazy to talk nonsense with you. Let’s see the real chapter at hand." While speaking, the man jumped into the array of ancestors and wizards, and then twelve giants filed out of the array to run at the Styx where the demon road was located. Led by a snake-like ancestor witch, countless yellow lights came out from under her snake’s tail when walking, and the yellow light spread, which actually solidified a yellow road out of the bloody sea. While this man, Cao, controlled the twelve ancestors to fall on the road where the yellow light was formed, and directly killed him in the depths of the blood.
"What a powerful ancestor wizard." The demon way is actually very familiar with the virtual shadow of the ancestors. After all, Isag, the master of ghosts and gods, fought with these ancestors and knew their strangeness. It’s just that those understandings in the past were the memories of others, and they were not as shocking as those experienced by themselves now. Now he is shocked to see that the Styx Yuan God was so easily carved out a path by the other side.
"You have a great array of ancestors, so being original will use ancient magic weapons to kill you." Seeing that the ancestors were not afraid of his bloody sea at all, Demon Road gritted his teeth and opened his mouth to spray a mouthful of JingXie and landed on the ten large arrays.
These ten large arrays got the demon road JingXie, instantly turned into ten arrays suspended in the air, and then condensed and wound, and after getting off the blood sea, they turned into two flying swords.
As soon as these two flying swords were generated, there was a crack in the void, and two cold lights flew out of the crack and merged into it. It’s just that the crack is extremely narrow and secret. Although it emerged in the sea of blood, the diabolical way was not detected.
Absorbed two cold light flying swords and gave a crisp sound, then I saw that the two flying swords circled in the air and turned into two red lights winding around the twelve ancestors.
These two flying swords flew, and they abruptly tore out two huge cracks in the demon-way Styx Yuan God. The Styx Yuan God only felt his mind trembling, and the whole Yuan God seemed to be abruptly torn in half. This sudden pain, let diabolism is not with a scream, turn over and fall in the blood.
The practitioners around saw him turn over and fall to the ground, only to be hurt by the other side’s magical power, so they were scared to retreat again and again, thinking about ways to escape from here. However, the Taoist priest who was the first to tell the story about the situation here did not retreat. Instead, he stepped forward, stretched out his hand to help the demon road, and shouted loudly, but he was on guard against his mind húnluàn, who could not wake up in his own mind.
"It hurts me, too." Demon way clutching his head and shouting pain, and this time, the Taoist who fought with him was also uncomfortable.
It turned out that when Yaodao turned to the ground, two scarlet flying swords appeared in front of the twelve ancestors. I saw these two flying swords flying up and down, and actually killed the virtual shadow of twelve ancestors in the breath.
The loss of twelve ancestors in an instant not only made the Taoist priest feel distressed, but also made his mind suffer heavy losses.
It turns out that this man has been tempered with his mind every day since he got the great array of ancient ancestors, and finally used tricky methods to forcibly control this large array, and combined his mind with the idea of ancient greatness to condense out the twelve ancestors. It can be said that each of these twelve ancestors is a member of his body. Now they are instantly destroyed and permanently disappear a lot of minds, but it makes him sad.