Jiang Yan also told me that the marquis of Minhou would hold a banquet in a few days. Speaking of which, he would take me to the banquet, so that I could see the king of Minhou with him.


I raised my eyebrows at Jiang Yan’s words.
I asked Jiang Yan, a mysterious figure, how could anyone go to a banquet if they wanted to?
Jiang Yan said with a smile that the banquet was really not for anyone who wanted to go. The banquet was aimed at the heads of various sects of ghost roads and demon roads, but each head can bring five people to the banquet.
Jiang Yan pointed to me and Xie Yiming, Wang Dalang, and said that he was going to take us to a banquet. He said that he would ask grandma for advice when grandma came. If grandma also thought about it, everyone would go to a banquet hosted by Minhou Wang.
Talk. My phone rings again.
I answered the phone quickly. Grandma said she was at the door now and asked me to give her the door.
Hearing that grandma had arrived at the door, I rushed to the door and knocked on the door.
I found a few outside the door, but I was in a daze, but I quickly let them in during the meeting.
I am all in a daze because grandma and the three old people behind her are all dressed up in a clean and tidy way, and the appearance of the three old people behind grandma is too obvious
One is as thin as a hemp pole, the other is as fat as a ball, and the last one is normal in size but short and serious. I should not be taller than my shoulders by visual inspection.
When I entered the house, grandma called the three to sit down and rest first, so I introduced the three identities.
Grandma told me that I need to call the thinnest grandpa the fattest one I need to call the skinny grandpa and the shortest one I need to call Grandpa Gao.
Grandma’s introduction made my mouth twitch, and I politely addressed those three people with grandma’s introduction.
Grandma, I introduced the three people and told them that I was her granddaughter and introduced several identities in the room to them.
Those three people seem to know that after Grandma Jiang Yan introduced the identity of the people in the house to each other, the three people praised me a few words and then joked with Jiang Yan and asked Jiang Yan if he could marry now.
Jiang Yan smiled awkwardly and said that I didn’t expect my grandmother to be able to ask the three evil spirits to move. It was a bit unexpected.
The thinnest and fattest man said that Jiang Yan was a digression, so let Jiang Yan stop talking, answer their questions first and then talk about him.
Jiang Yan looks even more embarrassed. Grandma took my hand at this time and asked me to take her to my room.
I took my grandma to my room and gave the living room noise outside.
Grandma told me that she was coming to fz city to attend a banquet hosted by Minhou Wang these days, which happened to be my immediate event, and she even rushed over before.
Grandma said that I don’t need to feel that my affairs make her tired or anything. Even if she doesn’t attend the banquet hosted by Minhou Wang, she comes here specially. I still need to feel how because she is a grandmother.
My eyes are a little sore. I hang my eyes and hold my grandma’s arm and say with a smile, I know grandma loves me the most.
Grandma told me that she brought three demon hunters, who were called "Three Evil Demons" and were very good at it. With the three of them working together, the so-called Shuchuan Demon King Root was not enough to see.
Grandma said that the three evil spirits rarely agreed to help others, but they owed grandma a favor before, and they agreed very readily after grandma contacted them
Grandma’s words made my heart settle. I asked grandma why she was dressed up like this.
Grandma smiled and said that she wanted to hide her eyes and ears. Naturally, it was the most inconspicuous thing to dress like this. When she took out three sets of cleaning clothes, everyone was disgusted. Finally, her face was cold. The three evil spirits were unwilling to wear the cleaning clothes.
Listening to grandma’s words, I automatically filled my brain with three evil spirits, and I couldn’t help smiling at that time.
Chapter three hundred and forty-nine heart for heaven read hell.
After chatting for a while, grandma asked me to get along with Xie Yiming. If I answered, grandma said that we got along well.
Grandma nodded in silence for a while and then asked me where Xie Yiming and I had developed and whether there was any substantial progress.
Grandma’s question made my cheeks red. I shook my head and saidno. I asked my grandmother if my physique was really good
Grandma said it was natural, but I couldn’t get pregnant before the fifth floor of bamboo slips, or I would be in a lot of trouble.
I know what grandma means. I know grandma is trying to tell me that if I get pregnant before the fifth level of bamboo slips, then if I don’t survive the 24-year-old robbery, it will be a corpse and two lives.
I nodded and said that I knew what it felt like to think of that corpse and two lives.
I didn’t plan to have a baby so early when I came, so it is impossible to have two lives with one corpse.
Grandma patted me on the hand and sighed, saying that we should cherish Xie Yiming’s good words and feelings, and we must follow our hearts and avoid talking nonsense.
I said I was white, and I said grandma wasn’t worried about my feelings. I knew what to do.
"Grandmother Yan took good care of me." I told my grandmother with a smile.
I’m completely not worried that the Lich King of Sichuan and Lingling will come to my hand tonight, so I’m naturally in the mood to be happy with Grandma and Jiang Yan.
"Well, he should take good care of you when he comes, otherwise how can he afford you to call him Grandpa Yan?" Grandma smiled and answered me.
"Grandma Yan Grandpa is very nice." I continued to pronounce when I saw Grandma playing Jiang Yan against me.
"It’s ok, just some brain-dead." Grandma nodded and smiled.
"Ah, why are you so stubborn? I think Grandpa Yan’s mind is quite active." My grandmother couldn’t see the angle because she smiled and bent her eyes.
"What do you want to say about this child? Just say it. Don’t give me anything." Grandma scolded me lightly.
"Hey hey know my grandma and grandma, I just think it’s better to call Grandpa Yan straight.
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Call grandpa kindly. "I looked at grandma with a cute expression.
"This is Yan old man let you speak, isn’t it?" Grandma sank her face.
"No, grandma, don’t wronged Grandpa Yan. This is my personal opinion." I quickly cleared Jiang Yan of suspicion.
"Don’t ask my grandmother to be careful when I hit you." Grandma’s light words looked at me with a light eye.
When I heard grandma’s words and received grandma’s eyes, my face instantly collapsed.
I don’t remember being beaten up by my grandma, but today I tried to fix grandma and grandma Jiang Yan and said that they would beat me up.
I absolutely believe that grandma is right. I stopped fixing Jiang Yan and grandma on the spot.
Although it is worthwhile to be beaten up, it is worthwhile to fix grandma and Jiang Yan, but I know grandma is already angry at the moment. If I talk about it again, it will be counterproductive, but it will make grandma angry with Jiang Yan.
I can’t continue to annoy grandma, or the first person who will suffer will be Jiang Yan.
Grandma asked me about my recent practice. For example, I told her that the half black and half white beads in my abdomen would move with my practice.
Grandma’s surprise expression asked me if it was true, and I nodded and said yes.
Grandma clapped her hands and said so. The fifth floor of my bamboo slips should be achieved soon.
Grandma said that once the bead is activated, it will make the body more human and perfect, and it will speed up the cultivation.
I nodded and said that I told grandma that I really felt different when I practiced since the pearl was activated.
Grandma asked me to tell her in detail how I feel different. I told grandma about every time I practiced since Zhu was activated.
Today, grandma didn’t realize that her beads were activated when she heard it. Grandma said that maybe it was because she could practice to the fourth level of bamboo slips.
Once again, I heard grandma say that she can practice the fourth floor of bamboo slips. I asked grandma that she would not continue to practice the fifth floor of bamboo slips.
Grandma shook her head and lowered her voice, telling me that non-yin people can practice to the fourth floor of bamboo slips, and if they continue to practice, they will be doomed.
I asked my grandmother what a hopeless situation she was, and she said specifically that she didn’t know whether she knew the situation or whether her master had warned her.
Grandma smiled and shook her head, saying that she had asked her the same sentence in those years. It was the master who asked her how she was doomed. Her master also said that she didn’t know that her master knew about this situation from her master.
Grandma regrets that people know that Yin and Yang is a supernatural skill, but none of them know it. For ordinary people, the fourth and fifth floors of Yin and Yang are a boundary ridge, which can be described as a hell for heart for heaven.
Grandma and I chatted in the room before we knew it, and it was noon.
Xie Yiming knocked at the door and went into the room to ask grandma what she wanted for lunch.
Grandma said to order takeout. None of us in the room is suitable for going out today.
Xie Yiming agreed to leave the room and let me continue chatting with grandma.
Grandma smiled and said that this granddaughter-in-law became more and more attractive to her.
I asked my grandmother which one she liked more than her granddaughter.
Grandma reached out and said to me, it’s a bit outrageous for me to ask such a question as an adult.
I hold grandma’s arm and insist that grandma give me an answer.
Grandma smiled and shook her head and said that she liked me a lot. I was satisfied with this answer.