"There are still 10,000 meters from the enemy Terran troops!"


Xuan Ming eyes flashed a cold eye to order.
"Start the attack!"
Command to five hundred warships fired at the same time.
At that time, the whole dark Xinghai was illuminated by gunfire, which even dimmed the fire of the nearby stars.
And then a strange phenomenon appeared!
The wolf clan punisher troops sent out all kinds of laser cannons and directly crossed the battleship that stayed in Xinghai Yanhuang!
"This is …"
Xuan Ming this time the pupil in the maximum expression is full of incredible!
"Cease fire!"
He ordered
These are imaginary images!
Xuan Ming extremely shocked at the motionless Chinese fleet ahead!
"Is it possible that this Terran army has a venerable person?"
Leave an illusion somewhere to confuse the enemy.
As far as he knows, this extremely realistic illusion can deceive the top saints, and only the honorable can make it.
And at this moment, the whole Chinese fleet seems to have evaporated under the eyelids of the Wolf clan army.
In front of the wolf punisher’s army is a wandering Xinghai, and next to Xinghai is the ruined contract mainland!
They’ve been played!
Xuan Ming’s face was slightly angry at this time, and there has been no movement. Excalibur also resonated with Xuan Ming at this time
Yes, they were fooled by the Terran troops who always looked down on them!
A nearby meteorite has a blood clan with the strength of a top saint in red. He looks coldly at the Wolf clan fleet, which is at a loss because of losing its target, and his face shows a trace of disdain.
"Hum Wolf clan is stupid!"
Chapter 76 It’s a secret
"Send scouts to explore the nearby Xinghai!"
Xuan Ming stable mood heavy way
The contract mainland shows signs of smoke everywhere. It is said that the Chinese army attacked the contract mainland not long ago, and the Chinese army certainly didn’t run far during this period!
If you want him to send a large number of warships for carpet-like search, are you afraid he won’t find it?
"Hum run? You didn’t know you couldn’t come now! I want to see where you can go! "
Hundreds of tiny scout ships broke away from all the warships of the wolf clan punisher fleet, and the continental center spread and searched.
And Xuan Ming repose at this moment, waiting to report the results to the scouts.
At this time, you can’t be anxious, you will be played by the enemy!
One day passed.
The scouts were sent out to no avail.
Xuan Ming didn’t try so hard, and then he was a little confused.
Is it because this Terran army has disappeared?
Another day passed.
Still no results.
Until the third day, Xuan Ming finally couldn’t restrain his anger and pulled out Excalibur behind him, and directly cut off the head of the soldier who reported the situation.
He was played again!
The Chinese Empire is still playing tricks! Otherwise, how could they disappear!
What is even more hateful is that Xuan Ming, after being played, is still waiting for the news of the disappearing Terran army like a mentally retarded person.
He has never been so angry.
In fact, this is just an ordinary tactic, and the battle between the virtual and the real often appears.
But Xuan Ming’s heart is so angry.
Tactically cheated by others, but not by this Terran army!
How can ordinary terrans deceive me! How can you cheat me!
Xuan Ming came to directly kill this, which made the whole wolf clan lose face in Xinghai. The ordinary Terran saved the wolf clan from losing face in Xinghai.
According to the plan, these terrans should be frightened out of my wits by the Wolf clan punisher fleet.
And now the situation is that the whole Wolf clan punisher fleet is running around by this Terran fleet!
Wolf clan must do something!