"Just tell me how many years it will take!" Zhang Xiaotian face several black lines, he now, once again to the sky, seems to be getting a little wordy.


"Cough!" Hai Tianqiong gave an awkward dry cough and said, "It’s much simpler to integrate the laws of heaven without great success than to integrate the complete laws of heaven! The average person needs at least 100,000 years, and the boss will use the skills of our sea family, as long as it takes 5,000 years! " .
"Five … five thousand years?" Zhang Xiaotian took Yujian’s hand and trembled a little, didn’t he? "Sea sky is not now Zhang Xiaotian expression change, hear Zhang Xiaotian’s inquiry, can not help but some satisfiedly say. In tone, there is still a hint of showing off.
"Five thousand years, I can directly become immortal! Still use this broken array method? " Zhang Xiaotian sneer at 1, pie mouth said.
Hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s words, Hai Tianqiong paused, then began to ponder. After a while, he said slowly, "Five thousand years is really a long time for the boss! However, it is worth it! You know, when you get to the celestial world, it’s in line with the laws of heaven! Now it’s merged, so it’ll be easier in the future! Moreover, the complete law of heaven is much more difficult to integrate than the simple array method! " .
"Are all people in the fairyland fairies?" Hear the explanation of the sky, Zhang Xiaotian slightly stupidly! After a while, some hesitation asked.
"Except for the young children who have not grown up, they are all immortals!" Haitianqiu nodded and said for sure.
Zhang Xiaotian’s mind was a little shaken when he heard such positive words from the sky and sea! Soon, Zhang Xiaotian steady mind, breath in the heart! The impact of the sky and the sea on Zhang Xiaotian is really too great!
"How many people are there in the celestial world?" After taking a deep breath, Zhang Xiaotian asked tentatively. /
Hai Tianqiong bowed his head and became silent. After a while, he looked up and said, "I don’t know the exact number! But it is definitely much more than the population of a mortal world! " .
"mortal world?" Zhang Xiaotian frowned.
"Yes! The underworld, the upper world, the secular world, all the living spaces in this universe! Add it together! " Hai Tianqiong nodded and said.
Zhang Xiaotian hesitated for a moment and asked again, "How are the immortals in the celestial world compared with the people who fix the truth in the mortal world?" .
"You bet? The immortals in the celestial world at least hold a law of heaven! In front of the weakest fairy, Brother Jie is like an ant! What’s more, other practitioners? " The sky and the sky seem to hear what a funny thing, dear! "Finally, the sky a face of dignified concluded.
Zhang Xiaotian’s heart gradually sank to the bottom when he heard the narrative of the sky and the sea! His lofty sentiments, which have just risen, and he can laugh at the world, have also been hit hard!
He doesn’t know how many people there are in the whole mortal world! But he knows that the population of the upper bound alone is trillions! There are so many immortals in the celestial world that they can be regarded as ants! You can erase them at will!
Suddenly, Zhang Xiaotian thought everything was so funny! Seven monks? Eighth order friar? But to the ninth order friar! They are fighting to death here, plotting and fighting! In the eyes of those fairies, fighting with ants is no different! At that time, Zhang Xiaotian suddenly gives birth to a feeling of disheartened! The hatred for the Buddhists in Lingshan, the fear for the monks of the Eighth Order, and even the desire for the peak of strength are slowly dissipating!
The whole world seems to be gone! All the pictures, all the scenes, just like going back in time, passed by Zhang Xiaotian’s side!
One side of the sky was stunned looking at Zhang Xiaotian, Yang Xiaodi and others’ hearts were trembling! Qin wan looked frightened! At this moment, Zhang Xiaotian seems to be slowly falling silent! Life, breath, are slowly weakening! The soul of the body, a little bit of dissipation! Purple spiritual power, also began to gradually lose!
"Xiao Tian!" Qin wan finally couldn’t help but shout out the sound, the sound, some Yan, unspeakable worry!
However, at the moment when the voice reached Zhang Xiaotian, it was blocked by the pale white mask from the sky, which was somewhat dignified!
"What happened to my brother?" Yang Xiao asked with a face of tension.
"Boss, he … seems to be in the dead zone!" Sea sky tone some bitter said.
"What is a dead zone? Will tomorrow be okay? " Qin Wan flashed to the sky and asked nervously. Tears in the beautiful eyes have already flowed out unconsciously!
"Dead land … has always been a legend! I have only seen it in one elder in the family! " Hai Tianqiong seemed to be lost in memories, and then slowly said, "Legend has it that after seeing through everything in the world, you will enter this dead silence! I don’t know if this is the case! However, anyone who enters this state is all narrow escape! That elder in the family died in this state! " Speaking of which, the voice of Haitianqiu is somewhat low.
Qin wan opened his mouth wide, and everyone became dumbfounded! A narrow escape! Zhang Xiaotian has always been their spiritual pillar, but now, it has fallen into a narrow escape! This makes them a little confused and a little overwhelmed!
"Narrow escape? Ha ha! It seems that we are just in time! " Just then, a loud laugh woke up the people who were staying! Group of monks to Zhang Xiaotian they fly! Laughter, it is coming from them. Suddenly, a group of monks fell in front of Yang Xiao.
"Who are you?" Looking at the sudden appearance of a group of monks, Yang Xiao asked warily. Zhang Xiaotian fell into a life of nine lives, but he lost his usual confidence.
In front of this group of monks, the cultivation is very good! There are seventy-eight in all! Fifty ghost practitioners and 28 magic practitioners! Fix for the lowest, all above the sixth order! There are as many as fifteen people who have been trained in the seventh order! Five ghost practitioners, ten magic practitioners! At present, the leader is a sixth-order peak ghost repair! Next to him, there is also a seventh-order demon repairer, who seems to be no lower than him!
"Ha ha! Who Are We? You are not qualified to know! " Leading six-order ghost repair laughed and said arrogantly. At Yang Xiaodi with contempt, in his eyes, Yang Xiaodi is a black kid who is repaired by the ghost king! Vulnerable!
"Is there anything to hide under the throne of the earth treasure?" At this time, the sky on the side of the sea is faintly open.
"Who are you?" Hearing Hai Tianqiong’s identity, the leader of the Sixth Order Ghost Repair was somewhat surprised. (To be continued, if you want to know what will happen next, please go to chapter 6i for more.

Chapter two hundred and ninety-four Ghost Emperor’s territory
"Who am I? Hum! You are not qualified to know! " Sea sky with a snort of cold, said dismissively.
"You-"heard the arrogant words of Haitianqiu, and the leader Ghost Xiu was not angry! Was about to teach, but abruptly stopped the action.
The leading ghost xiu carefully looked at the sky and sky for a while, and said with some hesitation, "Are you the truth spirit? Yes, I am Wang Mu under the Bodhisattva! Xiao Ran misses you very much. Please come with me later! " When it comes to the end, Wang Mu is a proud and unassailable color.
"Xiao Ran?" Hai Tianqiong faintly asked, as if saying the name of someone he didn’t know!
"yes! Please leave this rubbish, or I won’t be responsible for any damage later! " Wang Mu light said.
"You come here, XiaoRan agreed?" Sea sky hesitated, export asked.
"The Bodhisattva personally commanded, who dares to object?" Wang Mu sneer at 1, said dismissively.
"Who are you to sacrifice a dragon shine thousands of years ago?" .
"Long Linger?" Hai Tianqiong has some doubts.
"It’s the last abandoned beast!" Wang Mu a face of gherardini scanning the sky up and down.
Hearing Wang Mu’s words, Hai Tianqiong’s eyes narrowed slightly. After a while, he said slowly, "What if I don’t go?" There is a faint coldness in the words.
"The bodhisattva said, die!" Wang Musheng drink a way. When the light flashed, a long-handled broadsword appeared in your hand! One hand and one horizontal, pointing to the sky and sky! On the long Dao, there is a rolling soul force!
Hai Tianqiong’s eyes suddenly opened, and his sharp light flashed, staring at Wang Mu coldly!
"Is our son in your hands?" Just then, the seventh-order magic repair next to Wang Mu. Is a step out, his eyes looking at the sky and asked coldly.
"Who is your son?" Sea sky turned to one side to talk about the seventh order magic repair, light asked.
"Magic Xuanzong!" Seven order magic repair cold spit out three characters. Like the sound of death, it was introduced to everyone’s ears! Those low-order ghost practices of the Ling family immediately felt a tremor in their minds. The pearl in my mind is about to break up. When they woke up, they couldn’t help looking at each other in horror.
In front of this group of monks. They can’t help but be horrified! Fifty ghost practitioners, green qualification alone, there are thirteen! This ….. They know, natural ghost repair the first person. The only green ghost in hell is the ghost gate to Qin Wen! However, Qin Wen is not any of these thirteen! Where did these thirteen ghosts come from? And the momentum that scattered on them. There are two dozen magic fix that eat people to look! Make them tremble! It is too powerful.
"Magic Xuanzong garbage … did sweep a few before! As for your son, is he in there? I don’t know! " Sea sky one hand playing with fairy crystal in his hand, light said.
"Hum! This time. Even the earth treasure king can’t protect you! " Hearing the words of the sky and the sea lightly, the Seven-Order Magician sneered. Anger to drink a way.
"I am the magic Xuanzong’s business is endless, and I am the eighth master in the clan! You are the only abandoned beast in the world! Died at my hands. It’s not a disgrace to your identity! " Seven order magic repair grim smile, suddenly appeared in the hands of a black whip, directly toward the head of the sky dumped in the past.
There was no expression on Haitianqiu’s face, but his right hand seemed to stretch out slowly, and he caught the black whip flying like lightning!
"garbage! My hands are dirty for nothing! " A disdainful voice came from the mouth of Haitianqiu.
There is no limit to the business with a grinning face!